Transportation & Politics


Cripple Creek is definitely lacking in regards to its transportation. The town is so small however, they can get away with that. Although there is not any kind of mass transit, Cripple Creek does offer a FREE city shuttle that goes around the city as well as to the town of Victor, Colorado and back. Cripple Creek also has a big bus system that travels from one stop in the city and then goes to Colorado Springs and back with stops on the way in Woodland Park, Colorado. That bus system from Colorado Springs and Woodland Park to Cripple Creek and back is a big way for people to go to and from the casinos, whether they are simply there to gamble and have fun or are employees of the casinos or local shops and restaurants. This bus system brings a lot of people in and out of the town that may have not had the opportunity to do so without it. One of the busses that travels between Cripple Creek & Colorado Springs is pictured below. It is operated by Ramblin Express.


In downtown Cripple Creek, a majority of the city is walkable once you are there, it has decent sized sidewalks and most things in the town is located on the one main street, called Bennett Avenue. Two of the main casinos have shuttle busses going from their parking lots down the street to their own casino and back, and there is one single shuttle with one small bus that the city owns and operates. (Pictured Below).


Map of Cripple Creek:


Cripple Creek, Colorado is a Conservative/Republican city with a majority of residents voting as republican.