What is Facebook Graph Search?

In a private, non-publicized press conference held at Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California, Mark Zuckerberg announced the new Facebook Graph Search, a way to search for things you might like based off what your friends think.

History of Peter Ouzts

I have been researching Peter Ouzts and the genealogy and history/ancestry for him. I discovered that I’m possibly associated through a distant relative, so I believed I would look into Mr. Ouzts a bit more. So far, right here is what I discovered:

SEO: Exact Match Domain Names

What’s an Exact Match Domain Name? Exact Match Domain Names are just that–domain names that contain an exact match of a keyword or keyword phrase. So, an example of an exact match domain name could be “books.com” or “travel.com” or perhaps Keyword1Keyword2.com exactly where “keyword1” is 1 word and “keyword2” is another keyword. It is …

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What is an Instagram Photo Album Worth?

Is a picture really really worth a thousand words? Well, to Facebook, an Instagram Photo Album might just be worth a billion dollars. Yes, that is right, Your Instagram pictures are now likely to be a a part of Facebook, because Facebook just lately bought Instagram.

Choosing the Right Font

If you’re a web designer or wish to be one, or if you’re starting an online venture that entails text, you then probably know that way you choose fonts is critical to the good results of one’s venture. It just has to look the proper way, and also the subtleties from the font which you …

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How One Setting Could Be Hurting Your WordPress Search Engine Optimization

Did you know that one small, easy-to-fix, weblog setting in WordPress literally has the energy to virtually kill any and all your WordPress Search Engine Optimization efforts of all your weblog posts? If you don’t setup WordPress properly, this one setting will make all of your Seo efforts go down the drain. Unless of course …

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How to Track Performance in Google Analytics

PPC managers have struggled for a long time with the inability to track individual sitelink performance in Google AdWords. Cindy Prathoumvanh, on the Standing Dog blog, has solved the problem within Google Analytics. Cindy has discovered how to Track Performance in Google Analytics.

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