Search Engine Optimization and Google Search Plus Your World

Google lately add a brand new feature or alter to their search results called Google Search Plus Your World. Google’s search results underwent yet another radical alter. But only if you are logged into your Google Account.

Google has begun to integrate web content material that has been shared with you privately via their Google Plus social network along with public content material on the web. Google calls this Search Plus Your World. So, if you’re logged into your Google Account, and also you search at Google, you may see search results that consist of content that your buddies have shared. This could consist of news items, internet pages, images, and even videos.

From a search engine optimization perespective, although, at this time, it really doesn’t have significantly of an influence on the actual search results for many users. Although there are reportedly more than 65 millions of Google Plus users at this time, the real number of Google customers who search whilst logged in is a lot less. If we appear in the actual quantity of search queries to web sites that are “not provided”, it’s only about 2 to 20 % of customers who go to web sites. While you might recall, Google rolled out a function that allowed Google customers to search whilst utilizing an SSL connection–which does not provide keyword referral search information to web site owners. Keyword queries from Google organic search is reported simply as “not provided”, which can be frustrating for a lot of internet site owners tracking the keyword referrals to their web website using analytics tools such as Google Analytics.

So, at this point, Google Search Plus Your Globe truly has practically no impact in your search engine optimization strategy as a entire. Actually, what I recommend is that you continue, just as I’ve recommended since 2003, to post excellent content on your internet site and socialize it with your friends and followers–and your internet website will benefit in the long run.

For instance, anytime you make a blog post, ensure that it is optimized correctly. Ensure that it features a good title, meta data, heading, and content that others would want to share. Getting the social icons in your weblog post is important, but don’t be afraid to jump start it a bit by sharing it with your own community of social friends and followers. Share it on Twitter, on Facebook, and on Google Plus. Take the time to make other weblog post and link them more than to your main blog post. Share those weblog posts, also. Use your blog’s pinging function to make sure that it is pinged out to all of the appropriate websites.

So, when it comes to Google’s new Search Plus Your World, from a search engine optimization perspective, don’t fret too much more than this new alter. Some are calling it radical, but really, it is not going to impact your web site’s bottom line. At this point, it’s only a small percentage of users who are impacted, and because the typical Google Plus user only has about 20 friends and followers, even at that point the amount of real search results which will change isn’t going to become extremely significantly.

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