How to Export Your Google Sidewiki Data

Google Sidewiki is being closed by Google.

Apparently this really is just another certainly one of Google’s products that failed. I’m not precisely sure why Google Sidewiki never caught on using the public, but maybe it’s due to the fact that Google Sidewiki has been so challenging to locate, becoming virtually hidden in the Google Toolbar. Normal Google search customers had a challenging time seeing Google Sidewiki, and it was by no means truly a part of the Google regular search results. There never was a link to Google Sidewiki, you had to determine it utilizing the Google Toolbar. Anyhow, Google Sidewiki is being shut down by Google. They are permitting you to download your entries and data from Google Sidewiki. I have particular directions about how you can export your Google Sidewiki entries. So, in the event you were certainly one of the distinctive Google customers that utilized Google Sidewiki, and also you entered information into their system, you then might wish to download what ever you wrote. Since it is something you wrote, you need to have access to it. And also you might wish to use that text somewhere else, perhaps you may incorporate or use it inside a blog post or something like that. I’m not fairly sure exactly how I’ll use the information that I wrote in Google Sidewiki, as it really is not a great deal of info. Nevertheless, you may want to at least revisit it and take a look at the Google Sidewiki information before that info is gone for great.

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