History of Peter Ouzts

I have been researching Peter Ouzts and the genealogy and history/ancestry for him. I discovered that I’m possibly associated through a distant relative, so I believed I would look into Mr. Ouzts a bit more. So far, right here is what I discovered:

Peter Ouzts was actually born George Peter Ouzts the 1st and was born March 25, 1757 in Germany> He died in 1829 in Edgefield County South Carolina. Mr. Ouzts married Elizabeth Harling in Edgefield County South Carolina.

George Peter Ouzts I and Elizabeth Harling actually had lots of children (15 to be precise).

There was a Peter Ouzts, 1 from the kids, who was born on January 01, 1803 and died on December 03, 1844.

I am still seeking to see if the Peter Ouzts I’m thinking about is actually George Peter Ouzts the first, or if it is his son, Peter Ouzts. If I find further information, I will try to updated this publish.

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