Google Places Pages Replaced with Google+ Local

Google has begun migrating all Google Places pages to the new Google Plus Local pages. Whether or not you like or not, if your business presently features a Google Places page, your Google Places page has probably already been replaced or upgraded to a Google Plus Local page. So, what does this mean to you as well as your company?

Well, the main goal right here would be to integrate Google’s social aspect of Google Plus into your local company listings on Google. You’ll have the opportunity to interact together with your clients and possible clients, and they can interact with your business. Your local company ought to embrace the new Google Plus Local, particularly simply because this new platform will permit for these new customer interactions.

Google announced this new alter on their Google+ page:

Today we’re rolling out Google+ Local, a easy method to find out and share local information featuring ZAGAT scores and recommendations from individuals you trust in Google+.

From the new “Local” icon on the left-hand side of Google+, you can search for particular places or browse for ones that fit your mood. Clicking on any location will take you to a local Google+ page that consists of pictures, Zagat’s high-quality scores and summaries, reviews from people inside your circles along with other info like address and opening hours.

Google+ Local is also integrated across the other goods you already use each day, including Search, Maps and mobile, so you can get the same fantastic local information wherever you go.

What’s also essential to note is the fact that Google will actually be indexing the new Google+ Local pages in their search results, which will provide a fantastic opportunity for your company to improve their general search engine optimization possible. There is a very great chance that Google will assist drive visitors to your Google Plus Local page, which will help your business within the long run.

There’s no doubt that this move by Google, the altering from the Google Places pages into Google Plus Local Pages, is in response to Facebook’s local company pages.

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