Facebook Reveals Timeline for Pages

Timeline for Pages on Facebook doesn’t provide admins the capability to set a default landing tab. Here’s why we believe that’s a good thing.

Facebook lately revealed Timeline for Pages, and subsequently removed the Facebook default landing tab. You are able to no longer set a default landing tab. While numerous individuals who admin Facebook company pages are shocked by this move, or maybe even baffled, let’s talk about why this is actually a great move by Facebook, rather than such a bad thing.

While you recall, prior to the introduction of Facebook’s Timeline for Pages feature, Facebook company page administrators had been in a position to decide on whether or not they needed Facebook users to land on the page’s Facebook wall or certainly one of its various customized tabs. Many manufacturers, for a lot of many years, relied around the default-tab feature to push non-fans to a Fangate or welcome tab that encouraged them to click the Facebook Like button in order to achieve entry to the Facebook company web page and its fan-only content material.

Previously, before Timeline for Pages was place into action, Facebook company administrators could select which tab was shown as the default. And it could differ depending on which content material they wanted the consumer to determine when they first went towards the Facebook company page.

When Timeline for Pages was exposed, that all altered. Now there is no Landing Tab default.

Now, like a Facebook company web page administrator, simply because you can’t set a contest or other customized app as the default tab doesn’t imply you can’t direct each Facebook fans and non Facebook fans to that tab through an ad or perhaps a Facebook icon on your web site. Or perhaps a newsletter. Every Facebook app will still have its personal own distinctive app URL. If you want your Facebook users to land around the contest or an additional custom app, produce the app and make use of the app’s link, not the link to the web page, for the ads. Embed the app’s link within the Facebook icon in your website and in newsletters.

There may be some confusion and additional work so as to make modifications for your Facebook company web page in order for Facebook Timeline for Pages to convert nicely. But more than the long run, I do think that this was a needed change. What do you think?

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