Vote in Our Halloween Costume Contest

Every year, Standing Dog holds a Halloween Costume Contest. Everyone here in our offices are encouraged to dress up as some sort of Halloween character, in a costume. Then, at about 3:00pm, we tally the votes and see who wins. There are prizes, of course, and all sorts of Halloween fun.

Internet Marketing Education

A lot of friends ask me about what I do for a living. I tell them that I’m in internet marketing. I recently spoke to a neighbor who told me that they were looking for work, as the economy has been tough for them.

SEO Title Tag

The title tag is one of the most important parts of any web page. It describes what is on the page, and is often used by the search engines in their search results. Here is why the title tag is so important to search engine optimization, and why it is part of my series of …

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Important SEO Ranking Factors You Forgot About

SEO Ranking Factors are probably the most important thing to know when you are creating a web site since they are the rules that determine how popular your website will be on the internet–and how much high it would go in search results. There are more than 200 factors that contribute to this ranking scheme.

What Justin Bieber has in Common with Lauren’s Dad

So, what does Justin Bieber have in common with Lauren’s dad? I mean really, if you read this headline you would probably not think that they have much in common. But take a look at what really these two, Justin Bieber and Lauren’s dad, have in common.

Google Typo Domain Names

On a regular basis, I watch the domain names that Google registers, as sometimes it is an indication of things to come–sometimes the registration of a domain name may indicate a future project. It is interesting to note that Google today registered a lot of typo domain names related to Google Analytics, their web analytics …

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Foursquare Victory over Facebook Places?

Apparently Foursquare is claiming victory over Facebook Places, especially since is saying that Facebook Places is now dead. Well, not exactly, folks. Apparently Facebook Places is still alive, so it is a case that Facebook Places was simply buried alive?

English is No Longer a Leader in Top Retweets

During some informal research, I took a look at the top retweets on the social media web site Twitter. I found an interesting trend, that in the past 7 days, the United States is no longer a leader when it comes to tweets that are being retweeted.

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